DIY Body Butter with Jasmine Essential Oil

This romantic scent has long been used in the perfume energy, due to its sultry and soft aroma. But when it comes to therapeutic applications, jasmine holds her own essence by promoting hormonal balance and fortifying skin health.

The oil also relieves stress, nerves, and tension and stimulates self-confidence and optimism, which is probably why it’s considered an effective aphrodisiac. Whether going solo or blending with other essential oils, jasmine is a sweet and subtle addition to any body product.

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DIY: Foot Mask with Bergamot Essential Oil


You don’t have to stress about cracked heels on your feet this summer. Try this nourishing foot mask made with Bergamot essential oil (and other feet-friendly ingredients) for nourished and beautiful feet.

Why use a foot mask?

Since our feet have the most pores per square inch than any other area of the body, it is important to remember to treat the feet too! What you put on the feet will absorb into the rest of the body, so do your best to gather high quality, organic ingredients for this foot mask.

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DIY Strawberry Lime Sugar Scrub


Are you one of those people who likes skin care that smells like dessert?

Most of those products are chalk-full of artificial fragrances and chemicals that trick your nose into thinking that it is the real thing, when it really isn’t.

This Strawberry Lime Sugar scrub literally smells like fresh strawberry jam and is even easier to make and, get this, it is 100% edible!

Impress your friends and your skin.

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