Turn Back the Clock with These 5 Essential Oils for Anti-Aging

Aromatherapy can use certain essential oils to make your skin and hair look and feel younger and healthier. You can also reduce wrinkles and age spots, and even combat psoriasis with the physical application and diffusion of specific anti-aging essential oils.

The following 5 oils are frequently found in some combination in essential oil blends which natural manufacturers sell for fighting the aging process successfully.

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Aromatherapy Burners Vs Diffusers

You can benefit from essential oils a number of ways. They can be applied directly to your skin, they can be ingested in some applications, and you can benefit by their healing properties through your sense of smell. To release the wonderful aroma in essential oils, burners and diffusers are the 2 most popular methods.

So, should you purchase an essential oil diffuser or burner?

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Aromatherapy as a Romantic Mood Enhancer

Scents can trigger pleasing and not so pleasurable reactions in human beings. So aromatherapy can play an important role in setting a romantic mood. Romance is very sensual, appealing to all 5 of your senses. This includes your sense of smell, which even King Solomon of 3,000 years ago understood could be aroused for romantic purposes.

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How to Choose Essential Oils

When you decide to use essential oils to help your mood, stress, or physical illness it is hard to decide from the many available products which one is right for you. Essential oils come in a variety of scents and fragrances and the different extracts act on different components. Some help your mental fatigue, others relieve stress, and others can be used as topical creams that help you alleviate scars or acne.

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Our Sense of Smell

If you answer the question “how do you smell” with the answer “with my nose”, you are technically correct. In scientific or medical terms, the explanation can seem pretty irrelevant to the regular Joe, bogged down in medical-speak and complex physiological processes. So let’s take a look at what happens when you smell something, in layman’s terms that anyone can understand.

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4 Most Popular Essential Oils

Some essential oils are considered must-haves by aromatherapy practitioners. The following 4 essential oils should be kept on hand for the many benefits they deliver.


Lavender is considered the “universal oil” in aromatherapy circles. A very calming scent, lavender treats burns and stings, cuts and bruises, and is also effective for combating allergies, cancer, cold sores, dandruff, menstrual cramps and insomnia.

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What is Essential Oils Layering, And How Is It Different Than Blending?

If you have been using essential oils for any amount of time, you probably have heard of the term “layering”. You may also be aware that while essential oils are most frequently used individually, you can also create and purchase blends of 2 or more oils.

Are blending and layering the same thing? If not, how are they different? If they are different, which process delivers the most benefits?

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