Ways to Use Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut is great for you no matter what form you use it, including coconut palm sugar.

Many people who are on a no-sugar diet can’t have regular white or brown sugar, but coconut sugar is usually allowed.

It sweetens up dishes without adding a lot of the negative effects.

Here are some different ways to use coconut palm sugar.

Bake With the Sugar

First and foremost, you can replace regular white sugar in most baked goods recipes with coconut palm sugar.

It contains the same consistency as regular white table sugar, but it is much healthier for you. Coconut palm sugar contains more nutrients and is keto and paleo-friendly.

You can also use it if you are following a whole foods diet like Whole30 and want to make some mock versions of baked treats you can no longer eat on this type of diet. It will just add a slightly nuttier flavor to your baked treats.

Add it to Your Coffee and Tea

A lot of people add sugar to their coffee and/or tea to sweeten it up, but that is also going to add more calories and carbohydrates. A better idea is to use a more natural form of sugar like coconut palm sugar.

It is much better for you, and as previously mentioned, approved in most diets. It is also great to add to your hot drinks because you might want the health benefits of coconut, but don’t particularly like the taste of it.

Just a little bit of sugar in hot drinks goes a long way and will make a large impact on how much coconut you get into your diet.

Use it in Nice Cream

Nice cream is ‘ice cream’ that is made from blending up pieces of frozen banana. Bananas are healthy and low in fat, while also being the perfect consistency for a mock ice cream treat.

The problem is that it can be a little bland when you don’t add anything to it.

Adding regular sugar would defeat the purpose of making nice cream in the first place, but you could always sweeten it up the healthy way by adding a little bit of coconut palm sugar and some coconut milk to the nice cream.

You can replace regular white table sugar in most recipes with coconut palm sugar and really benefit from it. Be creative and try it in all your favorites.



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